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Lyndon Coaching provides a comprehensive, flexible programme of professional coaching and mentoring. I coach on a one to one or group basis, to improve performance and well-being. I also work with clients to develop their skills as a coach, or to help establish a culture of coaching in their setting.

Having spent my career in education, my experience lies largely in this field. I am equally excited, however, about working with those in settings other than schools.

'Lyndon has a canny ability to identify and make connections in his coachee's thinking and actions. His personable manner and years of experience make him an ideal candidate for coaching in the educational world.' Jenny, Primary Headteacher

I have been fortunate to have worked closely with coachees at all levels and have found coaching to be invaluable in developing them as individuals, leaders and teams and in helping them to achieve great things. My skills in coaching and mentoring have also enabled me to work with clients to effectively manage workload and its challenges, to achieve a strong sense of well-being, balance and personal growth. Through coaching, I have seen clients achieve long-term, sustainable change.

Lyndon Coaching can also give your team a better understanding of the principles of coaching; improved self-awareness; self-reflection; effective listening and questioning and I can offer training for your team. I aim to inspire, motivate and energise through coaching.

I coach face to face, or via Zoom, by agreement. 

To get in touch about any aspect of coaching, to explore bespoke arrangements to suit you, or to book some coaching, please go to the contact tab, email me at
or call 07525 779281.

High Quality Coaching for Exceptional Performance 

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