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Client Testimonials

I am pleased to share a little of what clients say about the service that

Lyndon Coaching offers

Lyndon has a canny ability to identify and make connections in his coachee's thinking and actions. His personable manner and years of experience in education make him an ideal candidate for coaching in the educational world.


Primary School Head Teacher

For the first time in years I felt listened to and understood. Lyndon created a safe environment for me to open up. Coaching isn't without challenge; Lyndon asked difficult but pertinent questions that enabled me to achieve my outcomes. The perspective I gained from working with Lyndon will continue to empower me well beyond our sessions.


Secondary School Senior Leader

I was impressed by how you conducted the sessions and felt very positive after each one. After being initially unsure about the process, I actually really enjoyed it. I liked coming out feeling like I had a new direction to head in, an aim to achieve or just a different perspective on things. 


Primary School Middle Leader

The sessions were really useful in getting me to think about things in a different way, to be able to talk through current issues in detail and think about options for resolving them. 


Senior Systems Analyst

My coaching sessions with Lyndon have helped me get a clearer, more focussed perspective and as a result my outlook on life is a happier one. The coaching has had a positive impact on how I deal with my thoughts and worries. I have begun to change my mind-set and this has allowed me to introduce new things into my life to manage my day-to-day stresses. I am now able to focus more on the things that are important to me and make the right choices for myself to achieve a better balance. I would highly recommend Lyndon’s coaching sessions for anyone looking to make positive changes in their career or personal life.


School Librarian

Lyndon is a professional and supportive coach who has helped me to focus on making key improvements to my leadership skills. He has supported me in developing the confidence and positive mindset to move on to the next stage of my career. He is understanding and non-judgemental and he has been able to guide me towards specific action points that have led to real improvements. 


Primary School Assistant Head Teacher

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